Activity: Diversity in health

The following image is called a “word cloud” or a “wordle”. It is a visual representation of how often certain words appear in a collection of documents. [1]

In this case, 100 research papers on refugee, immigrant and ethno-cultural mental health in Canada were analyzed. A computer program was used to identify the 100 most commonly used words and these words were assigned sizes based on how often they appeared: the more frequent the use of the word in the documents, the bigger the size of the word in the cloud. Spend some time looking over this wordle and thinking about diversity. Which topics appear most often? Which words are very small? Which words are missing? What does this tell you about how these articles have dealt with the concept of diversity?

Source: [1] This wordle and the activity associate with it is used with the permission of Dr. Kwame McKenzie, a Senior Scientist with the Social Equity and Health Research section and the Deputy Director of Continuing & Community Care in the Schizophrenia Program at the Canadian Centre for Addictions and Mental Health. He is also a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto, and a Professor at the Institute of Philosophy Diversity and Mental Health, University of Lancashire. Dr. McKenzie presented this activity at a Health Equity Workshop in Halifax, NS in 2011 and kindly agreed to allow us to use it in our SGBA curriculum and shared the unpublished article on which is it based: McKenzie, K., Hansson, E., & Lurie, S. (n.d.) “Using tag cloud: Identifying words found in immigrant, refugee, ethno-cultural, and racialized Canadian mental health literature”.

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