Activity: Health and equity

Consider the following statements and images. What role, if any, do power and privilege play in these situations? Is privilege created or reinforced? Is there an effort to offset power imbalances?

1. Governments in Canada have invested heavily in making health information more widely available to the public by creating on-line, internet-based resources.

2. In Canada, most doctors’ offices have this type of equipment for conducting pap tests, a screening test for cervical cancer.

3. Approximately 65% of Canadians have private health insurance, usually through their places of employment. These insurance plans cover the costs of some medications and services such as eye care that are not covered by publicly-funded health insurance.

4. Some insurance companies have decided that same-sex partners should be eligible for extended health and other benefits.

5. Specialist health care providers and specialized services, such as cancer care, are generally concentrated in large cities.

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