Activity: Equity or equality?

Read each of the following statements and decide if they represent equity, equality, both or neither.

1. Research has found that drugs such as antihistamines and antibiotics may cause different reactions and side effects in females and males. In order to ensure that drugs do not cause harm to either sex, new guidelines recommend that all clinical trials of medications involve both women and men.

2. Many senior women in Canada have worked all their lives caring for children and families. Taking responsibility for this important work frequently means that they have not been paid, nor consistently contributed to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). As a result, a significant number of senior women in Canada live below the poverty line. In fact, the number of senior women living in poverty is nearly double the number of poor senior men. The government has tried to address this difference by taking childcare and unpaid caregiving into account when calculating CPP benefits.

3. A local hockey camp for children is held in the summertime to teach skating and stick-handling skills before the hockey season begins. In the past, only boys have attended the camp, but organizers are taking steps to encourage girls to attend because they realize that more girls are becoming involved in hockey.

4. A city council creates a policy requiring that all new housing developments include recreation centres. The policy is designed to increase opportunities for physical activity, which may contribute to healthier weights and better health in general for members of these communities.

5. A community decides to open a library in a low-income neighbourhood.

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