Activity: Reviewing recommendations using sex, gender, diversity and equity

Read through the following recommendations for health planning, policy and research. Do these recommendations address the core concepts? How do you know?

1. In 1997, Health Canada issued drug research guidelines “to encourage the inclusion of women, especially those of child-bearing potential at the earliest stages of drug development, in order (i) to ensure that potential sex-related differences are being identified and taken into consideration when planning [further research] and (ii) to generate appropriate data to inform both physicians and potential users concerning sex-related characteristics of a new drug”. [1][2]

2. In 2008, the Manitoba government announced plans to revitalize public housing, including improvements to structures and neighbourhood security. Specifically, the province decided that it would reduce crime in public housing by evicting anyone convicted of committing “even one criminal offence that poses an immediate risk to tenants, or for drug dealing or use, possession or storage of unlawful firearms, prostitution or sexual abuse and child”. [3][4]

3. In 2007, the Federal Government introduced the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit to promote healthy active lifestyles among children and youth. The tax credit covers up to $500 of enrolment fees for eligible physical activities and recreational programs. An additional credit of $500 is also available for children and youth with disabilities. To qualify, programs must have a significant physical-activity component where improved fitness can be expected over time, including cardio-endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and balance.

4. A common recommendation for increasing physical activity and combating childhood and adult obesity is using more active modes of transportation, such as riding bicycles, instead of cars. In 2011, the Public Health Agency in Belfast, UK circulated health promotion material promoting cycling as a form of healthy physical activity. Their slogan was “Getting regular exercise is as simple as riding a bike.” [5]

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