Activity: Assessing the Evidence

Canada is fortunate to have rich health data from the Canadian Community Health Survey. Read the information in the box below and reflect on who is not included in the CCHS data sets?

The Canadian Community Health Survey
“The target population of the CCHS is all Canadians aged 12 and over. Excluded from the sampling frame are individuals living on Indian Reserves and on Crown Lands, institutional residents, full-time members of the Canadian Forces, and residents of certain remote regions. … To provide reliable estimates to the 121 health regions (HRs), a sample of 65,000 respondents is required on an annual basis….The CCHS uses three sampling frames to select the sample of households: 49% of the sampled households comes from an area frame, 50% comes from a list frame of telephone numbers and the remaining 1% comes from a Random Digit Dialling (RDD) telephone number frame.” [1]

Question: According to the information in the box, what three groups are not included in the CCHS data sets?

Source: [1] CCHS

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