Module Review Exercise

Consider a project file you have. Think about the population you are interested in. Do you have the evidence you need?

An Evidence Checklist

Have you looked for & found:
Statistics and other kinds of data for both females and males?
Up-to-date, relevant research on gender roles to inform your work?
Have you considered:
The ways in which gender roles and expectations create different types and degrees of risk or need among females and males?
Different groups of females and males: urban or rural; inner city or suburban; on-reserve or off-reserve; culturally and racially diverse; lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-gendered, and/or heterosexual; street-involved or homeless; and so on?
The ways in which gender roles and expectations will make it easy or difficult for males and females to be involved in or use your project?
Other questions
Have you consulted males and females in the design and/or implementation of your project?
Have you reflected the perspectives of both female and male in your project?
Does your study, program or policy support both females and males?
Tip Your project may be concerned with only one segment of a population. Adapt the questions to suit your needs.

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