Analyze the impact of population definitions

Having looked at the obese population in Canada from a variety of angles, using the core concepts of SGBA, we can see the importance of definitions. How we define the population has a profound impact on how we understand and respond to an issue and those it affects. Much of the time we won’t be able to include everyone or every characteristic in our definition, but we can be precise about who is included and who is missing. And as we learn more about the population and the issue, we will likely have to revisit our definition. This process of repeatedly reflecting on and revising our work is referred to as “iteration”. The modules on Issues and Evidence provide greater insight into the limitations we face in defining and responding to a population. Along with the modules on Implications and Recommendations, they highlight the importance of iteration.

In the meantime, though, let’s consider what we do know about obesity in Canada and whether we can answer the question “Who is at risk, in need or affected?”

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