Activity: Who is missing?

Defining the population at risk, in need or affected by a particular issue helps us to make informed decisions about who to work with and where to direct our efforts to make change.

Consider the following photos and decide if they represent factors or characteristics that should inform our evolving definition of the obese population in Canada.

How might including or excluding these factors affect our definition of the population?


Urban vs. Rural Living

Sexual Orientation

Food Security

With an issue as complex as obesity, the list of factors or characteristics to consider is long. While it isn’t practical or even possible to address all of these characteristics, it is important to be precise about who is included in the population under consideration and who is missing from it.

We must also be able to explain why some groups or characteristics have been excluded. Are we short on information and, if so, why? Have we forgotten someone or something and, if so, why? These questions take us directly to the final core concept, equity.

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