Determining who is in need

While it seems clear that caregivers are in need, before we can take action to help them we must understand who they are as well as what they need.  A survey conducted by Statistics Canada in 2002, revealed that more than 1.7 million adults between the ages of 45 and 64 provided unpaid care for close to 2.3 million seniors with long-term disabilities or physical limitations. Moreover, the vast majority of these caregivers – 7 out of 10 – were employed, meaning that they were trying to balance the demands of work with the demands of caring for aging relatives. According to the same survey, approximately equal numbers of women and men provided unpaid care for this group of seniors. [1]

Graph 1: Percentage of informal caregivers 45 years and over, by age group, Canada 2002 [2]

Sources: [1]; [2] Pyper, W. (2006). Balancing career and care. Perspectives on Labour and Income.

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