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1. What is the relationship between gender and health? (3 words)
2. An example of gender affecting men’s health
4. Gender is specific to what?
8. An example of gender affecting women’s health
10. Who is affected by gender?
11. To whom does the term gender apply? (3 words)
12. A better model of gender?
14. Gender is defined by?

3. One reason why people react negatively when behaviours or characteristics don’t seem to fit the sex of the person.
5. Does gender describe or prescribe what it means to be a male or female?
6. One source of gender stereotypes (2 words)?
7. How many genders are there?
9. The usual model of gender?
13. One way that gender is expressed?
15. One example of the answer to question 12 (3 words)
16. Biology defines?
17. Are definitions of gender static or changeable?

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3                4       
       8    9            
 10      11                
       13           14