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This website includes three sets of modules. The first set of modules includes a discussion and exercises on the core concepts of sex- and gender-based analysis: sex, gender, diversity and equity. The second set is devoted to the process of SGBA and consists of five modules that deal with key aspects of the process: issues, populations, evidence, implications and recommendations. The third provides you with opportunities to practice SGBA and apply it to your work or area of interest.

You can begin anywhere you wish. If you are new to SGBA, you may want to start with the first module and continue through the concept and process modules in sequence. If you already have some experience with SGBA, you may choose to work on modules that are new to you or that interest you.

Your own work may also influence how you go through the modules, especially in the process section. For example, if you are a policy analyst, you may want to begin with the recommendations module. If you are a researcher, you might want to start with the evidence module before proceeding to the other modules. If you work in a community organization, you might find it helpful to start with the issues module. No matter where you start, you can proceed to other modules as necessary and helpful – this is iteration. Each module has references and links to other modules and you might sample the content of these modules if you find it useful to do so.


We set out to develop a fun and interactive online learning experience that describes the core concepts and process of SGBA and provides ample opportunities to practice SGBA. The modules are organized into three main sections, each with their own set of objectives:

Concept Modules: The overall goal of the modules in this section is to provide learners with the opportunity to examine the meaning and importance of the of core concepts, including how they act and intersect with one another and affect the lives of individuals and communities. The modules included in this section are:

  • Sex
  • Gender
  • Sex and Gender
  • Diversity
  • Equity

Process Modules: The overall goals of the modules in this section are to provide learners with the opportunity to recognize that SGBA is an iterative process – rather than a formula or check list – that leads to better science, policy and practice.

  • Issues
  • Populations
  • Evidence
  • Implications
  • Recommendations
Practice SGBA Module: The main goal of this section is to create supported opportunities for learners to apply SGBA, using examples from their own work.

  • Practice — Issues
  • Practice — Populations
  • Practice — Evidence
  • Practice — Implications
  • Practice — Recommendations

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