Project Background

Sex- and gender-based analysis is essential in planning programs, developing policies and conducting research because it requires us to think in-depth about the people we are working with and their particular needs. The application of SGBA promotes inclusive policies, appropriate and cost-effective services and good science. SGBA has been growing and evolving for more than two decades, and has developed into a powerful framework for highlighting health and other inequities.  Yet, SGBA is not always well-integrated into many areas of policy, planning and research, and there is still a great deal of misunderstanding about what it is, why we should do it, and how to go about it.

The confusion surrounding sex- and gender-based analysis prompted us to develop a new resource that describes the concepts and process of SGBA, and provides many case studies and commentaries to illustrate SGBA in action. In 2009, we released the book, Rising to the Challenge: Sex- and Gender-based Analysis for Health Planning, Policy, and Research in Canada. While there are many resources available on SGBA, we believe that this volume was an important contribution to the field for a number of reasons. First, the book represents a timely response to a growing demand for sex- and gender-based analysis. Second, it complements introductory guides and checklists – which comprise the majority of SGBA materials – by inviting people like you to join in a deeper discussion about the changing meanings of “sex” and “gender” and their roles in health and society. Third, it treats SGBA as a flexible process, rather than a fixed template or checklist, making it more useful to a wider audience. Finally, the case studies offer concrete examples of SGBA and are based largely on Canadian data that will be familiar and relevant to many of you reading this.

Developing the book was the first step in sharing knowledge about SGBA. The second step was to meet with people to introduce them to the book and allow them to practice SGBA using the core concepts and process outlined in Rising to the Challenge. We organized a series of six half-day workshops across Canada with health planners, policy makers, researchers, and community organizations. The workshops were well received and the evaluations showed a noticeable increase in the uptake of SGBA. The evaluations also told us that people wanted more opportunities to learn about and practice SGBA.  This website, the third step in knowledge sharing, was inspired by the expressed needs of those who participated in the workshops. This site was also developed with the hopes of reaching individuals we otherwise would not have the opportunity to reach.

The goals of this website are to:

  • Serve as a companion resource to the book Rising to the Challenge
  • Provide training opportunities to introduce learners to  the concepts and process of sex- and gender-based analysis
  • Help learners to apply sex- and gender-based analysis in their own work

For your own electronic copy of the book, Rising to the Challenge: Sex- and Gender-based Analysis for Health Planning, Policy, and Research in Canada click here. You will also find the full online version under “The Book” on the menu bar, as well as the contents of the book separated into smaller files by chapters and case studies/commentaries.

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