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Project Team

This website, SGBA e-Learning Resource: Rising to the Challenge, is the result of a rich and extended collaboration among a group of researchers and educators based at three Canadian Centres of Excellence for Women’s Health:

The Team

The team that developed the website brought decades of experience using sex- and gender-based analysis for the study of the social determinants of women’s and girls’ health.  Team members had also collaborated for many years on the development and delivery of a wide array of training resources and opportunities to support understanding and application of sex- and gender-based analysis in policy, community, research and educational settings.

The team consisted of: Barbara Clow, Executive Director of ACEWH; Ann Pederson, Director of BCCEWH, Margaret Haworth-Brockman, Executive Director of PWHCE,  Jennifer Bernier, Researcher at ACEWH; Yvonne Hanson, Researcher and Diversity Education Coordinator at PWHCE; Linda Snyder, Assistant Director, at ACEWH; and Aaron Panych, an Instructional Designer and proprietor of Acorn e-Learning.

Together the team developed a vision for the website and divided up the work of turning this vision into reality.  Barbara Clow served as lead on the project as well as principal author of the website.  Jennifer Bernier coordinated the project and wrote or co-wrote many modules.  Ann Pederson, Margaret Haworth-Brockman, Yvonne Hansen, and Linda Snyder were integral to the design of the website as well as to the development, writing, and editing of specific modules. Aaron Panych brought his considerable expertise in the design of web-based instructional resources, helping the team to refine, improve, and implement our vision for the website.

Module Developers

Authorship of the modules found on the website is as follows:

Concept Modules

  • Sex – Barbara Clow and Jennifer Bernier
  • Gender – Barbara Clow
  • Sex and Gender – Barbara Clow
  • Diversity – Barbara Clow, Yvonne Hanson, and Jennifer Bernier
  • Equity – Barbara Clow, Yvonne Hanson, and Jennifer Bernier

Process Modules

  • Issues – Barbara Clow
  • Populations – Jennifer Bernier and Barbara Clow
  • Evidence – Margaret Haworth-Brockman
  • Implications – Barbara Clow, Ann Pederson, and Jennifer Bernier
  • Recommendations – Barbara Clow, Ann Pederson, Jennifer Bernier, and Andrea Papan

Practice Module

  • Barbara Clow, Margaret Haworth-Brockman, Jennifer Bernier


The team that developed the website were fortunate to be able to drawn on the work of a splendid group of contributors who wrote the case studies and commentaries found in our book, Rising to the Challenge: Sex- and gender-based Analysis for Policy, Planning, and Research in Canada (which is also available on the website).  Some of these contributors had worked together for many years, under the auspices of the Women’s Health Contribution Program at Health Canada; others were invited to bring specific expertise to the development of case studies and commentaries.  Each of them brought a tremendous depth of expertise and experience with SGBA and their contributions enriched the book immeasurably.  We are delighted to be able to feature their work on the website, making it available to a wider audience of learners and trainers.

Danielle Allard Lorraine Greaves Kaitlin Pelletier
Claire Askew Margaret Haworth-Brockman Anne Rochon Ford
Jennifer Bernier Natalie Hemsing Harriet G. Rosenberg
Madeline Boscoe Harpa Isfeld Vivien E. Runnels
Barbara Clow Beth Jackson Jean Steinberg
Lissa Donner Alison Jenkins Alexandra Stiver
Marion Doull Dayna Nadine Scott Cara Tannenbaum
Marie Dussault Ann Pederson Jayne Melville Whyte
Elaine Enarson

For a list of the contributors affiliations at the time the book was published, please click here.

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