Welcome to the tutorials on the core concepts of sex- and gender-based analysis.

The modules under this section introduce you to the concepts of sex, gender, diversity, and equity. Each module provides a definition of the concept and discussion about commonly-held ideas and beliefs. The relationship between the core concepts and health are examined as well.  Throughout the tutorials we have designed activities to help you better understand the core concepts and identify them when undertaking SGBA.

You may start at any module. If you are new to SGBA, you may want to go to the Sex module first and learn about the rest of the core concepts in sequence. If you have some experience with SGBA, you might visit the modules that interest you or the ones you may need a little “brushing up” on.

There are five modules in this section.  At this point, you might be asking why there are five tutorials on four concepts.  We have added in another module that discusses the concepts of sex and gender together because they are closely related and easily mixed up.  To start the tutorials, either use the menu bar or click on a link below.

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