Practice SGBA

Welcome to the practice modules. The modules under this section provide you with an opportunity to practice what you have learned about the core concepts and process of SGBA, using examples from your own work or current events that interest you.

The practice modules contain a series of questions and response fields for you to write your answers. Beside all of the questions you will notice a button that says MORE INFO. Here you will find a variety of tips and hints to help you work through the questions. You may choose to answer all or just some of the questions. When you are finished answering the questions in a given practice module, you can click the SEND button to create a PDF summary of all your answers, which you can then save on your own computer for future use. Our website does not save these documents, so please be sure to save them before you exit.

There are five modules in this section, which correspond to the elements of the SGBA process. You may choose to start at any module. To start a module, either use the menu bar at the top of the page or click on a link below:

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