Evidence Practice

1. Which types of evidence are you using to understand an issue or population? More info

Are you using:

  1. Quantitative data – numbers and statistics
  2. Qualitative data – interviews, texts, images, policy briefs, etc.
  3. Both
2. Summarize your current knowledge of the evidence related to the issue or population under consideration. More info
Tip: Don’t overthink this exercise. Just quickly list the main points from the evidence you’ve collected to date. Don’t worry about getting it ‘right’ at this stage.
3. Why are you using these types of evidence? More info

Can you clearly state why you are using these types of evidence? For example, are you using statistics or interviews because one or the other is:

  • the type of evidence you are most familiar with and have the skills to analyze;
  • the best type of evidence to address an issue or represent a population;
  • the only type of evidence currently available?

Have you thought about using other types of evidence?
Does knowing why you are relying on particular types of evidence affect your understanding of the power or completeness of the information you have gathered?
How might you go about finding and/or using other types of evidence?

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