In this resource list, we have included a selected group of documents and websites for further reading and information-gathering. There is also a wealth of additional resources listed in the reference section of each of the case studies and commentaries in the Rising to the Challenge book.


Gender Based Analysis of Health Data for Decision Making. (2009)
Margaret Haworth-Brockman and Harpa Isfeld
Pan American Health Organization. Online version available from:

Guidelines for Developing a Population Based Gender and Health Profile. (2009)
Harpa Isfeld and Margaret Haworth-Brockman
Pan American Health Organization. Online version available from:

Culturally Relevant Gender Based Analysis (2008)
Native Women’s Association of Canada

Draft Framework: Gender Balancing: Restoring Our Sacred Circle (2007)
Assembly of First Nations

Better Science with Sex and Gender: A Primer for Health Research (2007)
Joy Johnson, Lorraine Greaves and Robin Repta
Women’s Health Research Network

Finding Data on Women: A Guide to the Major Sources at Statistics Canada (2007)
Marcia Almey
Statistics Canada

Including Gender in Health Planning: A Guide for Regional Health Authorities (2005)
Lissa Donner
Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence

Applying a Gender Lens: A Practical Guide to Gender Analysis for NSW Government Agencies (2003)
New South Wales Office for Women

Exploring Concepts of Gender and Health (2002)
Health Canada

Gender Analysis in Health: A Review of Selected Tools (2002)
World Health Organization

Gender Based Analysis (GBA) in Public Health Research, Policy and Practice (2001)
Berlin Centre of Public Health, the European Women’s Health Network and the German Society for Social Medicine and Prevention

Exploring the Biological Contributions to Human Health: Does Sex Matter? (2001)
Institute of Medicine of the National Academies

Gender Based Analysis Policy (2000)
Health Canada

Gender-based Analysis: A Guide for Policy-making (1998)
Status of Women Canada

Gender and Sex-Based Analysis in Health Research: A Guide for CIHR Researchers and Reviewers (no date)
Canadian Institutes for Health Research

Guidelines for the Analysis of Gender and Health (no date)
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine Gender and Health Group

The BIAS FREE Framework: A Practical Tool for Identifying and Eliminating Social Biases in Health Research (no date)
Mary Anne Burke and Margrit Eichler


Gender, Women and Health

Gender, Ethnicity and Health
Pan American Health Organization

The Bureau of Women’s Health and Gender Analysis
Health Canada

Institute of Gender and Health
Canadian Institutes for Health Research

Canadian International Development Agency
Canadian Women’s Health Network

Women and Health Care Reform

Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health

British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health

Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence

Women’s Health Information Data Directory: The Source, The Survey and The Synthesis


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